Calla Lace - Chin & cheek compression with neck band and optional pouches for cold packs

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With two cold packs

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Perfect for face lifts and mini face lifts.

Helps to reduce swelling and pain.

Exceptionally beautiful, light and comfortable compression for use after cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures such as face lift, neck lift, chin and jaw augmentation, and liposuction (chin, neck) procedures.

Features a neck band and thin elastic ribbons around the back of the head to keep the compression in the correct position.

Eases discomfort and speeds up the healing process by preventing hematoma (bleeding), swelling due to seromas (fluid collections), bruising and inflammation. Helps loose skin to retract and reattach.

Available with pouches for insertion of 2 cold gel packs (included) to soothe and relieve pain in the surgical area.

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