Facelift Wrap with cold packs

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Perfect for all types of face lifts.
 4 cold packs included to help reduce swelling and pain.

The Calla Postoperative Facelift Wrap is a beautiful, effective face wrap to provide cooling of surgical incisions at the front and behind the ears after plastic/cosmetic procedures. 

The Calla Postoperative Facelift Wrap has 2 pockets at each side of the head for insertion of cold packs at the front and behind the ears.

Two round and two rectangular-shaped cold packs are provided.
Use the round ones in the pockets behind the ears and the longer rectangular ones in front of the ears.

This provides for hands-free cooling to decrease pain and swelling in complete comfort and relaxation.

All closures are adjustable with velcro which allows for optimal compression fitted to individual needs and procedure.

Thanks to the ribbons extending to the backside of the head the
Calla Postoperative Facelift Wrap stays in position on the head
and does not slip on the hair.

4 gel packs are included to soothe and relieve pain in the surgical area.

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