Thor/Thor.2 Frequently Asked Questions

Generally about Thor.2/Thor:

  1. What are Thor.2 and Thor?

    Both products are postoperative chest compression binders with a central, front adjustable velcro closure, and shoulder straps that attaches at front with adjustable velcro closure. Thor.2 consists of 2 adjoining chest bands while Thor is a single band compression binder.

  2. Who should use Thor.2/Thor?

    Both products are recommended for men after gynecomastia procedures, but are also suitable for any patient (female or male) following Thoracic, plastic/cosmetic surgery, chest trauma, and rib fractures for support, or as a dressing holder.They are suitable for other procedures that require compression of the Thoracic or breast during recovery.

  3. Why are there 2 designs?

    The Thor.2 two band version is designed to increase compression and conformity to the body contour in the chest area, and to make it easy to accommodate drainage systems by closing the bands above and below the drain(s) without separating the systems, which decreases the risk of infection. In addition, a universal drainage bottle holder fits around one of the bands of Thor.2 without the need for pins or tape. The Thor single band version is for general chest compression or as dressing holder specially if there are no drains present after surgery.

  4. Have Thor.2 and Thor been clinically tested?

    Yes. Both products have been used by patients worldwide to the satisfaction of both patients and medical staff.

    What Thor.2/Thor does for the patient:

  5. What can Thor.2/Thor do?

    They both give a steady pleasant compression which is adjustable for a stage 1 and stage 2 compression, which is unlike most other devices that only have one compression setting. Each of the 2 bands in Thor.2 can be adjusted to a different compression at the upper, and lower chest level which improves conformity to the body shape and gives an incredible increase in comfort and efficiency. It also makes Thor.2 adaptable to the type of surgery that was done and to the position of the incision.

    >The Thor single band is suited for less complicated cases without drains where a simple compression in Stage 1 and 2 is required.

  6. Why is compression needed?

    Compression improves blood circulation and oxygen supply to the surgical site which speeds up healing of the wound. It also encourage drainage, diminish swelling and keeps the absorbent pads in place.

  7. CanThor.2/Thor give efficient compression when it is elastic?

    Yes. The specially selected elastic material is unidirectional and has a precisely monitored elasticity of 100% +/-10%. The controlled elasticity combined with a correct sizing and adjustable closure provides a firm, encircling chest support without jeopardizing comfort.

  8. DoesThor.2/Thor restrict breathing?

    No. Thor.2/Thor is designed to cover only the surgical area in the chest and not the full torso as many other compression devices for male patients do. The calculated height of material of Thor.2 and Thor does not cover the lower lung lobes or the upper abdominal area with the result that the Thoracic wall and respiratory muscles are supported, which encourage deeper abdominal breathing and engagement of the diaphragm.

  9. CanThor.2/Thor relieve pain?

    Yes. The firm, unidirectional, elastic support to the ribs and respiratory  muscles during inspiration relieves pain and assists the patients to achieve a more relaxed, deeper breathing.

  10. When should Thor.2/Thor be applied after surgery?

    Thor.2 and Thor should be applied preferably in the operating room immediately after the surgical procedure by placing it on the bed before the patient is transferred.

    How to measure and choose correct size:

  11. How many sizes are available of Thor.2/Thor?

    Eight adult sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL and 4XL.

  12. Is the width of material the same for Thor.2/Thor sizes?

    There is a slight difference between the two: Thor.2 has a height of 18.5 cm (7.3”), and the height of Thor is 16.5 cm (6.5”).

  13. How to measure for the correct Thor.2/Thor size?

    The patient’s chest should be measured by placing the measure tape on the fullest point of the chest. Since breast tissue is being removed during gyneco-mastectomy procedures this should be taken into account when choosing size. However, the velcro can close directly on the material so it is not crucial. Select the appropriate size on the sizing chart included on all brochures, posters and on

  14. How much should Thor.2/Thor be tightened?

    Generally a Stage 1 compression is used right after surgery which corresponds to closing the Thor products at the second Velcro loop section (most tight closure). Later when a Stage 2 compression is desired it is easy to change the compression setting to the first Velcro loop section (less tight closure).

  15. What can be done if Thor.2/Thor is closed at the innermost Velcro but does not give enough compression?

    In this case a too large Thor.2/Thor size has been chosen - a solution can be to attach the Velcro closure directly on the black material for a tighter fit.

  16. Is there a way to chose a Thor.2/Thor size if no measure tape is at hand?

    Yes, a rough method is to use the patient’s normal clothing or T-shirt size as a guide, e.g. Small, Medium etc. Another rough way is to use one’s hands to measure the patient’s Thorax on the fullest point from one side to the other side. An outspread hand-width from thumb to little-finger is about 20 cm or 8 inches e.g. if the measure is 2.5 hand-widths, the chest measure would be 5 hand-widths, or 100 cm (40 inches).

    How to use Thor.2/Thor:

  17. When should Thor.2/Thor be placed on the patient?

    Thor.2/Thor should be applied in the operating room immediately after surgery by placing it on the bed before the patient is transferred. Using this practice is undemanding for staff and less challenging for the patient.

  18. What is the correct position of Thor.2/Thor?

    Thor.2/Thor must be positioned directly over the surgical area of the patient’s chest with the front closure centered and the shoulder straps attached directly on the black material at each side of the central closure.

  19. What to do if patients feel Thor.2/Thor bothers them under the arms?

    This may happen specially when patients are bedridden more than expected which can cause Thor.2/Thor to be pushed up at the back side. If the shoulder straps are crossed at the back side, uncross and readjust them for a lower position at the back. Eventually use the AxillaPad perspiration pads accessory to protect the armpits.

  20. Can the patient place the Thor.2/Thor on their own?

    Not immediately after surgery. Thor.2/Thor should initially be applied by a health care professional in the OR or in the ICU. When patients are active they can easily position Thor.2/Thor without help.

  21. Should Thor.2/Thor be used during the day or at night only?

    Thor.2/Thor is usually recommended to be used 24 hours a day for 2-6 weeks depending on the type of surgery, drainage technique and surgeons recommendations.

  22. How can drainage tubes be accommodated with Thor.2/Thor?

    Thor.2 is the proper product to use in the presence of drainage tubes. Thor.2 has 2 bands and thanks to the slit opening between the bands near the closures, drainage tube(s) can exit between the bands. Simply close one band above the drainage tube and the other below. This completely eliminates any need for cutting holes in the binder and for separating the drainage cannula from the tube to lead it through such hole, - an action that is needed with traditional binders.

  23. Is the Thor.2/Thor warm to wear?

    No. The specially chosen material is ventilated - for every horizontal line of 7 mm material there is a 3 mm line of open space for the skin to “breathe”.

  24. Can the Thor.2/Thor cause irritation to the skin?

    Most unlikely. All seams are on the outside of the material facing away from the patient’s skin including the manufacturer’s labels, and there are no buckles or other rigid items that could cause pressure points on the skin.

  25. Can the Thor.2/Thor elastic material cause any allergic reaction?

    Most unlikely. The Thor.2/Thor material is free of natural rubber latex (NRL) also called Latex-free.

  26. Is Thor.2/Thor washable?

    Yes. For longevity of the elastic material we recommend to wash it at 30°C/86°F without tumble drying. It is possible to wash Thor.2/Thor at 60°C/140°F, but should not be done more than 3 times, since the elasticity will loose some strength at each wash – as any other elastic material.

    Thor.2/Thor and other devices:

  27. What are the advantages of Thor.2/Thor compared to other chest compression products?

    Thor.2 and Thor both have compression Stage 1 and 2 in the same product, which eliminates the need to purchase two products for a proper compression treatment in the recovery period, as is needed when using other products. Thor.2 and Thor both are designed to give compression on the surgical area only which avoids the uncomfortable compression of the upper abdominal area and restriction to breathing which are issues with other products. Furthermore Thor.2 is specialized for the fitting of drainage systems which can be attached without the need for pins or tapes. Both Thor.2 and Thor are easily applied by the patient and should not require someone to help get them on following discharge.

  28. What are the differences in Thor.2/Thor compared to other compression binders?

    Current garments/binders grossly extend outside the surgical area and can easily restrict breath and movement more than needed. Patients may also experience more nausea immediately following surgery due to the constant pressure on the upper abdomen. Most current garment/binders are only made for one compression stage, not two. Thor.2 and Thor provide compression closely and correctly on the surgical site(s). They are made of aerated, latex- free material, can be hidden discreetly under clothing, and offer an optional drainage holder for Thor.2, which eliminates the need for pins and tape.

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